地域の皆さん こんにちは。


200 Japanese lived on SENKAKU- Photos . Tokyo slams Beijing "Stop lying" 谷山雄二朗

Japan has nationalized the Senkaku islands. This film provides 3 solid evidences that proves China's fabrication over the Senkaku. Japan's sovereignty is indisputable. 尖閣の真実を、世界共通ツールの英語で伝える。国際世論に訴えていかねば意味がない。

U.S State Department's DEMOCRACY CHALLENGE FINALIST Yujiro Taniyama

On 20th July 2012, Ai Weiwei, a prominent Chinese artist who designed the Beijing's "Bird's Nest" Olympic Stadum Tweeted
"This country has once again proved to the world that law and justice don't exist here"

This [WASHINGTON TIMES] article mentions that China recognized the Senkaku islands as a Japanse territory 40 years ago. That "Beijing clearly states the islands as "SENKAKU", a Japanse name on their Chinese map created in 1969". Thttp://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/sep/15/inside-the-ring-145889960/

And you can see this "confidential" MAP is in the film.

Furthermore, A world atlas published in November 1958, by the Map Publishing Company of Beijing, treats the Senkaku Islands as a Japanese territory.[Wikipedia 45] Also, a state-prescribed textbook published in 1970 in Taiwan treated the islands as Japanese territories.[46][47 Wikipedia]

It was not until 1971 that Beijing authorities suddenly started to claim sovereignity over the islands, by creating an artificial name "Diaoyu". They claimed it right after the UN marine investigation panel announced that the Senkaku island area is "potentially OIL-RICH".  昭和四十四年の国連の海洋調査後で、尖閣の海底に資源が眠っている可能性が指摘されたため、中国はそのわずか二年後に突然、領有権を主張し始めたにすぎない。

Beijing somehow says today that the Senkaku "was part of China from hundreds of years ago".
OMG....... Chinese government authority is truly a "master! at historical fabrication.

In April 2012, the former Taiwan President Lee Teng Hui announced that "Senkaku/Diaoyu belongs to Japan"
平成二十四年四月、元台湾総統 李輝氏が「尖閣諸島は日本の領土である」、と宣言。

アメリカ国務省デモクラシー・チャレンジ ファイナリスト [首席公使ズムワルト氏と共に・谷山雄二朗]



Japan incorporated the islands under the administration of Okinawa. The Senkaku Islands dispute concerns a group of uninhabited islands which have been claimed by both the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China (Taiwan) since 1971.

■(Part1) The Senkaku islands were not inhabited up to 1895. After a decade of deliberations, the Japanese government had decided to annex the Senkaku Islands and placed them under administrative rule by the Okinawan government on January 14, 1895. At the time, no countries had voiced their objections to the Japanese government's decision to annex the Senkaku Islands under the Okinawa rule.

(Part2) The geography textbooks, which had to be approved by the government, published in 1970 in Taiwan clearly showed the Senkaku Islands as a part of the Japanese territories. Then, these islands were placed under the control of the U.S. occupation forces following the Japan's surrender at the end of the WW II. In short, these islands have never been controlled by China up to present.

(Part3) In addition as another indication of this fact, the former President of the Republic of China, Lee Teng-hui, was also quoted in the Taipei Times newspaper, dated Sept. 6, 2009, that he had always considered the islands as a part of Okinawa. Then why and when China had started claiming about the islands as their own? 

(Part4) It was after the UN investigation of the natural resources of the region, and their subsequent report of the findings of their investigation of the existence of abundant underground oil reservoir around Senkaku Islands in 1969. Suddenly, China was very interested in the Senkaku Islands and began insisting that the Islands belonged to China all along.

(Part5) How can the Chinese government justify their actions to pursue the territorial rights over the Senkaku Islands completely disregarding all the historical facts of the region? If another country acted the same way like China has toward your country, how would you feel? In fact, China wants to control the East Turkistan too. Redundant China's hunger for its political and territorial control extends even to East Turkistan, where its people's struggles for independence from China continue to this day.

(Part6) There stands a building within the East Turkistan territory constructed by the Chinese earlier, which China claims to have built it during the ancient Chinese Kingdom period. Therefore, the East Turkistan belonged to China. The idea of propping up some buildings within the East Turkistan borders and professing that China had controlled the region from the ancient times to be the truth, thereby claiming that East Turkistan belonged to the Chinese is preposterous.

(Part7) However, a radiocarbon dating investigation has revealed that the same structure was constructed just 5 years ago, according to the President of the Japan Uyghur Association, Ilham Mahmut. Likewise, China's accusation of placing Japan at fault on the incidence of capturing of a Captain of a Chinese boat which occurred off shores of the Senkaku Islands on Sep. 7, 2010 has no merit.
しかしながら、炭素時代測定器の計算ではたかだか5年ほど前に作られたものだと判明した。この話は日本ウイグル協会会長であるIlham Mahmut氏が語ったものである。中国政府の、2010年9月7日に起きた尖閣諸島周辺海域での事故と、中国人船長の逮捕劇に関する中国の日本に対する非難やり方は、何のメリットも持たないのは明白である。中国政府がアピールしている尖閣諸島の領有権は、協議するにも当たらないことなのである。

Senkaku Islands is a territory of Japan.